Violence in the Relationship

Although violent behavior tends to worsen in the course of the relationship, most young people who suffer from violence in a dating relationship tend to exonerate the situation of violence, legitimizing it by considering that behaviors such as jealousy , aggressive attitudes of control and feelings of ownership are a natural way for the boyfriend to express or show his love, eventually considering that they are normal behavior: “If you are jealous, it is because you are very fond of me.”

Relationships in which violence exists are not all equal and it is not obligatory to include physical violence, in the same relation there may be various forms of violence, such as physical, psychological or sexual violence.


  • Snaps / Kicks / Pounding / Pushing;
  • Force to initiate sexual activity and / or engage in unwanted sexual acts without consent;
  • Control what the other person does on a daily basis, what he / she wears, who he / she relates to, forbidding contact with friends and family;
  • Insult, defame, humiliate, through criticism and negative comments;
  • Intimidate and threaten to hurt, kill, defame or commit suicide, to obtain what you want from the other person;
  • Use and view the other person’s mobile phone and / or social network accounts without consent.
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